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Monday, June 11, 2012

Weather Report from Columbia....

eeeww... it's raining, it's pouring a storm is a brewing.....

As I look out my window it looks really bleak... and those clouds that sped past my window looked ominous.... are we in tornedo country


  1. Don't fret - it has been raining non stop here for three days - we can't even see the buildings out of our windows!!! Just don't wear your ruby red slippers - oh - forgot you have already been to Kansas!! Have fun xxxx Ros

    1. Ha Queensland ..... raining one day pouring the next LOL....
      miss you guys... used to playing cards when I am holidays... Tell arnold he would love it here RV capital of the world... you should see the RV looking Coaches.... always smile and think of you when I see one...... wedding countdown on!!