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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet me in St Louis ... Louis

We were up and raring to go early this morning.... our first stop was the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis.... Howard thought a bus load of quilters would appreciate a cathedral covered in 83,000 square feet of Mosaic art that took over 75 years to create.... Probably cause we have something incommon, as at times I think that is how long it will take me to finish my quilts.... I must say it was exquisite.... The ceilings were completely covered with mosaics, just amazing.

Next stop was the Gateway Arch... The majority of us decided to take the tram to the top of the arch...
Gateway arch
This was an interesting experience... we were loaded in what looked like a little capsule. It was suspended and as it moved up the arch it swung in order to keep us upright..... it takes 4 minutes to get to the top and 3 minutes to get back to the bottom... the viewing area was narrow and I swear it was moving.

the capsule
Kaye,Sue n
At the top of the arch you hopped out and looked out of these small windows down  to fabulous views of the city...

looking up Downtown St Louis

Busch Stadium

Susan the horse whisperer
There was a bit of concerned in trying to gather everyone out of the arch in the small time frame we had to get  onto the boat for our cruise up and down the Mississippi River... very much a working river with lots of barges on the go and lots being filled ready to go...

Lunch was at another one of Bruces favourites... "Golden Corral" a what ever you want, and as much as you want restuarant...... I would have to say I much preferred Cracker Barrel where we could order our own meals...

A quick visit to Jo - ann's ( cause we haven't spent enough ) and then some of us went on to do a Budweiser tour....  we liked this because they reward you at the end of the tour with free beer!!  we were alittle short of time but the boys managed to down 2 beers and us girls drank one then hit the gift shop.

True to form our Bobby was waiting outside for us.... and after a little sweet talking we even managed a quick tour of Busch Stadium, home of the St Louis Cardinals.  But I feel really bad because after a lot of banter and laughing going on,  I said to Bobby that the windows needed cleaning as my pictures were blurry.... lo and behold he came into happy hour all puffed and said that he had just finished cleaning all the windows....

 Our favourite hotels are these Drury Inns  that Howard has booked us into... Main reason is Happy hour that goes for 2 hours, free nibbles and free beer and wine... Tonight we out lasted all other patrons as we all were having such a good time even after the drinks had stopped flowing... Actually we must of looked like we were having such a good time, that some of the other patrons decided to join us... I can't believe we have only a few more days to go!!

Tonight I have a special hello to Aunty Jan and Ruthy from Michelle...

If anyone has a special hello to someone here feel free to post a comment... it is always really nice to get comments... that way I know someone is reading....


  1. Hello Joanne and everyone, just letting you know I am reading and following your trip. Wishing I was with you all, but enjoying being able to "travel" with you. Keep up the blogging, I check in each morning to see where you are.

  2. Hi Girls
    Can't believe you drunk dialed me on Sunday morning......especially when Joanne identified herself as Joanne from India!!! I had no idea who she was until "anapolis" came out as a second thought!!!! LOL
    Can't wait to join you all!!!

  3. Enjoying your blog each morning. Feel like I'm on the tour with you.Love to all the Camden girls .
    Michele's Aunty Jan

  4. So glad you are enjoying the US, when I heard you were going to the US I was really hoping that my country would be really, really nice to you since your country has been so nice to us!