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Monday, June 4, 2012


Today we started off with an early morning visit to the National Quilt Museum. 

For the gentlemen they had arranged for one of the towns "Red Coats" to take them on a walking tour.  Red Coats are volunteer guides, seems a lot of towns have these...

In the museum there was some magnificent works of art... we would have loved to have been able to get some close up shots of the quilting but alas it was not allowed...  one of the really interesting pieces was a quilt that was carved out of timber... Even I had to look twice as I thought it was a real quilt...

From there we were taken to the Bryer Patch.  This is the studio of Carol Bryer Fallet.  She gave us a lecture on her work  gave us lunch then opened her house and studio to wander around.  We all walked out of there so inspired...

Then it was the much awaited Hancock's.... Sharon had arranged free shipping for us... well I am sure she didn't have to twist their arms to far, as I am sure this increased there sales 10 fold....  like women possessed we weaved our way around aisle after aisle with our shopping trolley's... only problem we had nothing to stroke when we got back onto the bus....

offically voted the best sandwich, Curry
Chicken on Cranberry and Walnut bread
Sharon with Irene from Paducah

Ha ... we can dream that we could sort our fabric like this

Now this is a guest room

Yes free shipping

St Louis

Bobby, Susan, Howard and Sharon

We then had a 2 1/2 hour drive to St Louis. What better way to welcomed but by your first glimpse of the great Arch...  But for us tonight it was straight to the hotel... just in time to enjoy the last hour of happy hour..... Then next door to the restaurant to try a St Louis traditon Toasted Ravioli...

Leanne and Katie


  1. Hi all!! It sure is lonesome here in Paducah without the Big Red Bus and all your smiling faces!!! Have a safe, blessed trip. Irene in Paducah

  2. Sounds like you all had a WONDERFUL day ! Someday I'd like to visit there too !

    I am getting excited about "my" leaving for Sugar... only 2 more nites in my own bed.. then I am off... so much to do around here yet though !

    enjoy !


  3. Thanks Irene thanks for helping Sharon get it all together....