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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finally Columbia Missouri and Sugar

a sad farwell
We had a bit of a sleep in today and we were all ready to leave by 9am... as we drove off we were waved off by the 4 that we left behind....

we now have our own parking spot

It was not a big driving day today but we had to fill in time before we reached the hotel....
Well it must be at least 2 days since we had been to a Walmart so that was our first mission today....

Most importantly our remaining contingent need to once again stock up suitcases. Once again there was an hour of shopping frenzy with trolleys heading in all directions...

bags galore

Then we headed to a little town called Rochport where we were able to wander around the many little antique shops an buy a little lunch if you wanted it....

Then it was Columbia here we come.... only 11 miles away.... we were all starting to get a little nervous when we looked around the bus and saw everything that had to come off....  Suddenly we were faced with having to get our own luggage off the bus and into our rooms.... the scary part is that this is a trial of what to expect when we try to get around the airport.

We said our sad goodbyes to Howard and Bobby ( don't think you could wipe the smiles of their faces ... no not really) . Luckily our rooms were ready as our biggest fear was that we would have to sit in the foyer with our mounds of Luggage...

Once the dust had settled we now had to prepare to head out to Paul and Mildred Statler for a welcoming BBQ.

Our limousine was a big yellow school bus which Kim Diamond had organised for us... Once out there Paul welcomed us and had his tractor and trailer ready to take us all on a tour of the farm.... this worked well until we were on the other side of the ridge and the tractor broke down... Paul tried to ring Mildred but service was low...  Dawn and I decided to be hero's and walk back to the party for help.... as we walked over the rise everyone back at the BBQ just looked at us... probably thinking we were coming back for a drink.... we waved .... they waved back..... we arrived and told them of our plight and they laughed..... Mildred and Bruce jumped into the other little tractor to save the day....  It was a funny site to see the little tractor pulling the big tractor and trailer back.
I'll just ring Mildred

saved by the Kabuto

our wonderful hosts

Now Al what did you say about us and Hancocks!!!
Back at the hotel we were being stopped by other Sugar attendee's who noticed our Australian twang and ask if we were part of THAT GROUP...... :-)

I think we are all looking forward to spending the next 5 nights in one bed !!!!!


  1. So glad I happened onto your blog! Glad you are having such great time! Hope to see you and Garry when we get back to OZ.

    In the Red Sea on the Sun Princess

    1. Pam great to hear from you ..... I am going to catch up on all the blogs when I get back home..

      From what I have read I am glad that your events are good events on the ship....